Capricorn, the month begins with a gentle burst of energy the highlights your twelfth house. Be open to new spiritual ideas but conserve your energy.

Capricorn – Venus in the 11 th house inspires you to open up your social agenda. You should contact friends or go out with new people so you’ll feel your part of an important social group. Opportunities come to you through the arts and entertainment so tub some elbows. Wisdom suggests you observe the actions and motivations of others then you’ll know who you can trust.

Capricorn – Mars in the10 stimulates your ambition and drive for success. You’ll want recognition but you must discipline yourself to the tasks at hand. You will radiate a sense of self confidence that can bring opportunities your way. His Opposition to Uranus on December 10 th in the 4 suggests there may be some conflicts between family and career responsibilities. Keep a balance in both areas or you’ll cause yourself grief. Willfulness and selfishness will cause emotional problems.

Capricorn – the Full Moon Christmas illuminates your 7 th house of relationships and public relations. You are usually more logical than most but you may be feeling a bit at odds as all the emotions of the season climax on this day. You need to keep clarity and understanding in your relationships or if you’re out and about. Remember everybody’s a little bit extra stressed-out.