Capricorn – Jupiter or Zeus to the ancient Greeks was known as the King of the Gods, the King of Justice and the Greater Benefic. He will transit Capricorn for the first time in twelve years starting an important new cycle of structure, opportunity wisdom and abundance. Express yourself and seek new opportunities. Make sure you put your best foot forward and be willing to open yourself to new experiences. The Sun in your 12 house illuminates your spiritual being. However, the Square to Neptune on the eighth in your 3 suggests other people may not see the things the way you do. The Venus conjunction to Saturn on the eleventh reminds you to retain some distance as you interact with others, they may not have the same attitudes as you. Venus is in the 2 house inspires you to go shopping. However, her Square to disruptive Uranus in your 5 house on the 22 nd may bring excitement and adventure that’s a little hard to tame. the Sun and Jupiter are energizing your 1 house on the 27 th house. This is a good time to express ideas or creativity.