Capricorn – The month begins with Venus in the 10 th house Square to Pluto in the 1 st and the Moon in the 8 th. This is a very dynamic T – Square energy which warns you not to be too focused on your own ambitions. Yes you do want to get ahead and make your mark in the world but you may have to learn how to cooperate with the system in order to be a success. This is important for there is an underlying aggressive energy that you may be aware of since the Sun Conjuncts Mars in the 12 th house. You may need some clarity which may come as Saturn Squares both the Sun and Mars from the 3 rd house of intellect bringing you some information that can help you adjust your energy and actions.

Cap – week 2 shines under the New moon in your 12 th house bringing a new cycle of quiet, intuitive activity. You may be able to heal old wounds and renew the essence of your spirituality and faith. You may feel reborn. Mercury retrograde in the 1 st house of personality suggesting there may be some confusion or missed messages in the air. He trines Jupiter in the 5 th bringing better news concerning romantic and creative issues. Be a bit careful for an Opposition between Jupiter and Venus in the 11 th temps you to be extravagant especially with associates. Thankfully a Saturn trine to Venus from the 3 rd house will help stabilize your emotions and allow your mind to settle down.

Capricorn – The 3 week begins with the Sun in your 12 th house Squared to Neptune in the 3 rd. The energy of the Sun inspires you to spend time away from disruptive people however, the square to Neptune in the third may find some unsettling communications coming your way. Do not allow your feelings to get in the way of your logic. Venus in the 11 th house Squares the Moon in the 2 nd warning you not to mix friends and money. Not everyone is as honest as you are and they may have different values. So count your change. Mercury continues retrograde in the 1 st house suggesting you need to express yourself with clarity. Know your boundaries and stay within them.

Capricorn – 4 The month ends with The Sun entering Capricorn and your 1 th house focusing on the traditions of the season and bringing a sense of warmth and comfort to you. This is a good time to open yourself and be more expressive. The Sun trines Jupiter in the 5 th bringing generosity into relationships. Venus 11 also trines Neptune 3 which makes everyone feel spiritually renewed and can bring romantic communications from someone close to you. If free you can respond in kind. Just remember that Mercury retrograde and Mars in the 12 brings a note of caution since there may be a situation going on behind the scenes that you don’t know about and you don’t want egg on your face.