Capricorn – The month begins with a highly energized last quarter moon that brings the extra intensity of Mars to your 11 house. Unexpected challenges may come from friends or associates who demand you give your best. Keep your nose to the grindstone now so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the pleasure of next week’s Super Bowl and Chinese new year.

Capricorn – Super Bowl weekend starts with a Venus Pluto conjunction in your 1 house. Don’t misuse this energy that can bring powerful changes into your life. Look your best, act your best and you will impress important people. Then Venus squares Uranus in your 4 house on Saturday. Follow your plan of action or disruptions will ruin your day. Be flexible. Mars square’s the sun from your 11 house on Sunday bringing a sense of extra energy. There’s electricity in the air. Friends are full of energy, give them some extra space but don’t empower foolish actions. Monday brings the energy of the new moon in your 2 house and the Chinese new year. Use this new cycle to focus on improving your talents, earning potential and resources.

Capricorn – the sun conjuncts Neptune in your 3 house this is a special once a year transit that enhances the visionary and spiritual qualities of life. It illuminates your 3 house of mind and communications. It suggests you should listen carefully to the ideas that cross your mind for inspiration maybe all around you. If you’re fortunate enough to be on a journey may have a moving spiritual experience. If you need to communicate ideas to others try to balance the power of illusion with the power of logic.