Capricorn – Mars in the 4 stimulates you on a deep emotional level. Make sure you know exactly how you’re feeling when interacting with loved ones. Use excess energy to get house hold chores out of the way. You’ll feel very productive. The square to Pluto in your 1 st house intensifies your need to understand the power of your personality and how it effects others. Excitement is in the air as you conquer boundaries and explore new possibilities. Madness is bondage to the past. Personal freedom may be the gift of this energy.

Mercury enters Pisces and your 3 adding more sensitivity to your mind. Your ability to assimilate new information will help you communicate more clearly. Open your mind to new ideas, get out and about if you’ve been stuck in a rut and find the fun and excitement if life. New opportunities open up in the fields of travel, learning and communications. Its time for action.

Mars conjunct Uranus 4 may create a powerful spike of energy on the 13 the which can disrupt plans for Valentine’s day. This energy can be a bit disruptive. if there are problems with family members or with home repairs take care of them right away. Balance career and family duties. The best thing to do is to keep your cool and rely on your powerful logic to fix things. remember love is gentle and kind, not over powering

Venus Conjuncts Pluto in your first house – You need to deepen understanding of how you project your energy. If you try to use charm to get your way, you must mean what you say. If you think you are more capable than others you must prove it now. Make time to improve your personality. Polish your projection.