Capricorn – the beginning the month is influenced by the energy of the Cancer New Moon in your 7 house. You usually have a cool exterior that helps you excel in business but when it comes to personal relationships you may have to open yourself by showing your sensitive side. There can be great rewards if you’re willing to loosen up and take a passionate path.

Capricorn – Jupiter enters Leo and your 8 house on July 17. Jupiter is the king of the gods and Leo in the sign of the king or queen so this can be the beginning of a twelve year cycle of expansion. It is often our own fear and insecurity that holds us back. But you are at the gateway to a new beginning. Find your talents, understand you have personal abilities and move to the future. A powerful psychic rebirth is just waiting to happen.

Capricorn – Saturn moves direct in Scorpio and your 11 house which can bring some constructive changes on how you interact with groups of people and the purpose they play in your world. If you have found them to be an effective force for positive and productive change continue adding your energy and resources to the cause. If they are not true to their goals and your vision, move on. You life and energy is too valuable to be taken for granted.