Capricorn –the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Leo and your 8 house that is enhanced by a full moon. You have a green light to enjoy the benefits that come through business and intimate partners. An inheritance is possible but a long-term investment plan is realistic. Your desire nature is powerful but foolish pleasures can drain your vital energy. You have the opportunity to create a deep psychic and spiritual bond with the people that you love.

Capricorn – On July 15 Mercury and Mars in your 7th house oppose Pluto in your first house of personal expression under the light of an emotional New Moon. Your personality is going through powerful change. Remember this can effect the other people in your life and sometimes in uncomfortable ways. The challenges you place on yourself may not work for others. Patience and understanding leads to cooperation.

Capricorn – Uranus turns retrograde in your 4 th house & asks you to review any changes you’ve made to your sense of emotional security. There are many challenges coming at you and you may have to re-organize your traditional cultural beliefs. Learn how to go with the flow by being more flexible. Have fun.