Capricorn –the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter sextile that connects your 7th house of partners with your 9th house of understanding. You have a green light to step out on the stage and let your light shine before others. You will gain by supporting the efforts of your partners for goodness rubs off on everyone. Your greatest achievement will be your ability to express understanding and kindness to others. Generosity creates harmony and respect.

Capricorn – The Sun and Mercury in your 7 house oppose Pluto in your first house of personal expression. Your personality may be coming on strong. This can effect the other people in your life in uncomfortable ways so be a bit gentle. The Venus Square to Uranus in your 4 may bring a challenge between family and public responsibilities. You need to be careful not to create conflicts. Patience & understanding lead to cooperation.

Capricorn – the conjunction of Mercury and Venus 8 will be helpful in all types of intimate interactions with business and personal partners. You have a powerful psychic ability to sense what other people need and want from you. The trine to Saturn in your 12 suggests that you take a practical approach to spiritual and psychological matters. If you have a deep intuitive feeling use your sense of clarity and sensitivity to understand how to unleash your talents.