New Moon – June 2104
Capricorn – the month opens under the vibration of a Gemini new Moon in your 6 th house of health and work. You are not overtly emotional but you do connect your inner personal value to your work. This is a great time to examine routine patterns and make any needed adjustments so you can use your energy in a more efficient and productive manner. Remember, if you are not working at your best, you will not achieve the recognition you desire.

Mercury Retrograde June 7, 2104
Capricorn – Mercury RX in 6th House warns you to pay attention to your responsibilities at work. You are known for your attention to detail but this energy breads confusion and disarray especially in the daily routines that you rely upon for your sanity. Make sure the alarm clock is working, check schedules and workflow for glitches and make sure your projects stay within the proper deadlines and parameters. Remember, work worry can effect your health and well being.

Neptune Retrograde June 9, 2022
Capricorn – Neptune is retrograde in your 3 rd house. Neptune is always subtle but now his energy can bring confusion as you may be too open to the mental and emotional stimulants in your environment. You tend to be a concrete person with a practical approach to life but now
you may be surrounded by confused people or difficult circumstances. Keep your daily routine as simple as possible and stay open to new ideas. Just remember to re-evaluate their practical value.