Capricorn – the Full Moon on June 2 falls in your 12 th house of limitation and spirituality. You may need to pull back from your day to day activities and take some down time. You feelings and dreams are trying to tell you about the future and that takes quiet and meditation. Be careful what you tell other people for they’re too self involved and your personal fears and secrets are your own. The T – Square to Neptune in your 3 house brings confusion or illumination. You mind is extra sensitive and you can be easily influenced by people and your surroundings. Keep clear because higher spiritual guidance is coming your way.

Capricorn – when Mercury returns to direct motion on the 11 th in your 6th house of health, work and daily routines, the power of your concentration and your ability to communicate more clearly will help eliminate confusion and bring a new sense of direction in work projects and daily health routines. This will be important on the 14 th when Mars conjuncts the Sun and you have extra energy to burn.

Capricorn – Jupiter continues his transit through Leo and your 8 house. You have the opportunity to face your fears, heal your soul and overcome personal insecurities that have held you back. You are at the gateway to a new beginning. A powerful psychic and sensual rebirth is just waiting to happen. The powerful trine to Uranus in your 4 house may bring an unexpected opportunity to express your deepest emotions and develop your intuition and spiritual center.