Capricorn – The month begins with a disruptive Moon Uranus conjunction in your 4 th house It can challenge your ability to create a deep sense of emotional security. There are unusual energies coming at you that demand you reorganize your traditional cultural beliefs. Go with the flow and be flexible. A number of challenging aspects form a loose cosmic cross on the 3rd and 4 th which may bring things back down to earth with a thud and teach you the truth of self control. You may need to repair any bruised egos.

Capricorn – Mars retrograde in your 11 house warns you to pick your friends with care and only join groups that have proven their worth. If you over react in public now you may feel embarrassed later. Be aware his opposition to Mercury in the 5 house brings confusion in romance and creative projects. Stay away from superficial people who lack substance.

Capricorn – Mercury in the 6 house opposes Saturn in the 12. They are joined in a mystical dance with Neptune in your 3. This is a powerful T Square that is intensified by the full Moon on the 20 th. You must balance your everyday routines with a deeper understanding of your limitations. If you overcome hidden fears and inhibitions you will find greater success in life. Neptune’s spiritual influence can bring confusion if you fail to focus your mind. You must analyze information and learn how to communicate it clearly to others.

Capricorn – a gentle combination of energy fills the air as Venus in your 7 house trines spiritual Neptune in your 3 house. This is a great time to loosen your grip on the real world and allow your mind to wander. You have a natural ability to gain new friends by showing your sensitive side. This will create harmony in both business and personal relationships.