Capricorn – (1) the month begins with the Venus in your 7 house of relationships trine Jupiter in your 3 house of intellect. You have an opportunity to spend quality time sharing ideas with the special people in your life. Cooperation can bring healing and advancement. Mars also in the 7 house opposes Pluto in the 1 st. You must balance your energy between personal and partnership responsibilities. Keep your cool under pressure and you may be able to experience growth in personal and social power.

Capricorn – (2) the second week begins with a New Moon in your 6 house of daily routines. You may be able to assimilate new techniques that will make you more resourceful productive. This can be important as Mars will enter Leo and your 8 house. His action-oriented energy will help you with shared projects and can enhance your intuitive expression. You must be a little careful not to be too pushy and you must know what you really want. Undisciplined action may upset cooperation with partners.

Capricorn – (3) the third week may be the most challenging of the month as stoic Saturn in the 2 house Squares erratic Uranus in the 5. You will have to be aware of your financial responsibilities and the purpose of the activities you share with others. You may need to limit your commitments. This may be particularly true as expansive Jupiter goes retrograde in your 3 house of communications. This may be an important time to re-evaluate Your ideas about the purpose of your life. Excessive action needs self-control.

Capricorn – (4) The fourth week features some easy and challenging energy. The good news is Mercury goes direct in Gemini and your 6 house of daily routines. This will help clarify your responsibilities and the plans you have made to be more productive. Reach out to coworkers and start up a conversation. But be careful not to confuse yourself as Neptune will go retrograde in your 12 house of intellect. Pause and take stock of your ideas. They may need clarification to be more effective and efficient.