Capricorn – the new Moon falls in your 3rd house of communications and travel.  You’ll have to be a bit careful if you speak your mind for people want to hear feelings not facts.  Effective communications paint a picture others can see and feel not just think about.

Saturn Retrogade
Capricorn –  You must learn from your experiences when dealing with groups of people.  The political process is a difficult one for egos are often involved.  Power and influence can be effective in the right proportions but fear and manipulation will never do.  If a group is more interested in power than truth, leave them behind.

Mars Retrograde
Capricorn – reevaluate the amount of work you’re putting into your career.  Are you working hard or smart?  You know how to get ahead by being a diplomat so use this talent now.  focus on positive work habits.  Efficiency will pave the way for advancement. And success.