Capricorn – Your power card is the Eight of Wands and the power day for March is the 17th St Patrick’s Day. The Sun conjuncts Neptune and Venus conjuncts Saturn in Pisces and your 3 rd house. This energy puts a focus on learning, assimilating knowledge, communications and travel. This is the realm of the mind and information so your mental energy is increased , and your ideas are flowing. You may be able to communicate with a sense of drama and charisma. This will help you sell you ideas to your audience. You may also learn some new information that can expand your awareness so listen carefully to your intuition. This is also a time to write and travel. However, the Venus saturn conjunction warns you to know what you are saying and be able to back it up with facts. You should also know what you really value and stay within the boundaries of common sense.

Your power card is the Eight of Wands which suggests good news and travel may be coming your way.