Capricorn – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 5th House suggests that you need to be aware that what you want may be a bit different than romantic partners. Its not that anyone is wrong but confusing energy can mess up everyone’s pleasure principle. Romantic partners sing different songs, sweet nothings lead to nothing and playfulness can be misunderstood. Mercury’s direct motion on the 22 nd will help eliminate any misunderstanding and bring a new sense of direction in creative projects and romantic pursuits.

Capricorn – Jupiter moves direct in your 9 house higher mind and understanding and the ninth is his house of power. You may experience a vision for the future that eliminates fear based boundaries. Your sense of optimism and need for expansion will open your mind to new possibilities. This is a great time to travel abroad, study religion and philosophy and institute an ambitious plan for personal growth. Wisdom brings power and success.

Capricorn – the Full Moon falls in your 12 th house of limitation and spirituality. You may need to pull back from your day to day activities and take some down time. You feelings and dreams are trying to tell you about the future and that takes quiet and meditation. Be careful what you tell other people for they’re too self involved and your personal fears and secrets are your own.

Capricorn – Venus in the 6 house inspires a sense of creativity in your work. If your work is mundane, you may be able to enhance your work conditions or create more social interaction. Her opposition to Mars in the 12 house warns you to be selective in what you say to others. Secrets should remain secrets. If you feel you need to spill the beans or heal your spirit go to a trusted professional advisor. Your intuitive sense and your logical mind might not be in sink.