Capricorn – The month begins with a Sun-Mercury conjunction in your 5 house of pleasure. This is a good time to focus on making your life more enjoyable. Good communication can lead to a deeper understanding of what your romantic interest desires. This may lead to a fulfilling experience. Midweek, a subtle Venus Neptune Square connects your 6 and 3 house. Clarity will be needed when dealing with daily routines and work schedules. If you need to be more productive you will have to be more efficient. No dreaming on the job. A gentle Full Moon and Venus Jupiter sextile brings emotional support from family members that will help you accept a new opportunity.

Capricorn – week 2 opens with the Sun conjunct Uranus in your 5 house of creativity and pleasure. This energy is erratic and unpredictable and may bring unexpected experiences into your life. Be careful when dealing with others for romantic feelings may be erratic and people tend to be too independent. The positive side to this energy is the possibility that you may have some creative ideas that are exciting and futuristic. Find a way to make them practical. Mercury sextiles and Venus trines Saturn in the 3 rd house of intellect and communications suggesting you may need to take a serious approach to learning and assimilating new ideas. Don’t be too critical.

Capricorn – The 3 week begins as Mercury goes direct in your 5 house, followed by positive aspects to Neptune and Saturn in the 3 th. These positive energies balance off a powerful and challenging Jupiter Pluto Square from your 4 th to 2 nd house. This challenge warns you to pay attention to security issues and the needs of your family. You must not be confused by emotional issues. This becomes more important as the week ends and Mars opposes Pluto from the 7 th to 2 nd house. You must balance your desire for money and resources by watching the family budget. Don’t act alone. The Sun trine Pluto from your 5 th house may help if focus your energy on creative solutions.

Capricorn – 4 The month ends with easy aspects from Venus to Uranus which can increase romantic feelings and a Sun sextile to Mars which may give you the energy to pursue them. However, a Square from Mars in the 8 th to Jupiter in the 5 th house warns you that your pursuit of pleasure may seem a little overpowering or aggressive. You need to find someone who is responsible and cooperative. Understanding is the bond that leads to compatibility. You may be aggressive but not realistic. Remember, actions speak louder than words. This is reinforced by a Square between the Sun in your 6 th house and Saturn in the 3 rd. A sense of ease and common interests create lasting bonds.