Capricorn – Neptune in your 3 rd house suggests you pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that are drifting through your mind. These thoughts go beyond normal consciousness. Harnessed this power to improve your communications. You may be able to sense changes in the environment before they occur but you must be careful not to allow fantasy to overcome reality. The Sun’s trine to Neptune in the 11 can bring a wonderful opportunity to connect with sensitive people who share your idea of how to better the world.

Capricorn Uranus 4 has shaken up the status quo and forced you to find a new sense of personal security. You must rely on your inner strength and your intuition. There’s been no place to hide so go with the flow and adjust to change. A beautiful trine from Venus in the 12 house brings you spiritual strength and the ability to conquer some of your fear and insecurity. Just be certain the your actions are above board. No secret romances allowed.

Capricorn – Mars moves into in your 2 stimulating your ambition and giving you more drive for success. If you have a good money making idea, this may be the time to put it into action. You’d love to be running the show but you may come on too strong. Cooperation is important. Impulse can override logic. Pay attention to details and don’t be too extravagant.

Capricorn -The Mercury Saturn conjunction 12 warns you to control your fears and worries. You may want to examine what you have achieved to this point and how you have developed your spiritual nature. This is a good time for prayer, meditation and retreats so you can clarify the essence of your experience. This is the house of Karma. Your actions have brought you wisdom. Use it to plan for a more prosperous future.

Capricorn – A powerful conjunction of Venus and Pluto in your 1 intensifies the need for you to express yourself what you should also understand the power of your personality and how it effects others. Be gentle. Excitement is in the air as you conquer boundaries and explore new possibilities. The square from Jupiter your 10 house is excessive & warns you to control your ego and express your substance. If you want to get ahead maintain a conservative and productive approach. The proof is in the pudding.