Capricorn – The month begins with three interesting 0ppositions. The Sun in the 11 th house opposes Jupiter in the 5 th. This warns you to be careful with business associates. They try to take advantage of your good nature and desire to get ahead. Network with care and maintain personal boundaries. Mercury in the 11th house opposes Uranus in the 5 th. Don’t believe everything you hear about coworkers and associates someone may be a little erratic with their reporting. Mercury needs to be more precise especially in negotiations. Venus in the 9 th house opposes Neptune in the 3 rd reinforcing the need for clarity. You may not have the same values or beliefs as other people.

Capricorn – week 2 is energized by Mars in the in the 11 th house opposing Uranus in the 5 th of pleasure. This is a very dynamic energy that can cause havoc with romance and creative projects. You may disagree with people who are allowing their desires to usurp their logic. Diplomacy is a difficult art especially when dealing with hot headed people. Figure out a workable strategy and maintain a professional approach. This will be extremely important over the 13 th and 14 th with as the New Moon in Scorpio and your 11 th house opposes Uranus in the 5 th. This adds a whole new depth of emotional sensitivity to the situation. Step back for a while and give it a few days to calm down.

Capricorn – The 3 week begins with a powerful Sun Mars conjunction in your 11 th house. This is a good time to step out and network but to do so with finesse. Mars can be a very aggressive energy and the Sun can empower his desire to get ahead. You should be on the lookout for opportunity to prove your ability to get things done especially when working in group situations. The problem may be that others can see you as being too competitive or pushy. You’ll be happy to hear this energy is followed by an easy trine between the Sun and Mars in the 11 th to Neptune in the 3 rd house. This will help you illustrate what you can do by communicating in a dramatic manner, but don’t over dramatize.

Capricorn – 4 The month ends as the Sun enters optimistic Sagittarius and your 12 th house of limitations. This position signifies a time to step back from the outer world. Yes you sill need to be responsible but you must also take care of your energy and spirit. This is a good time for meditation, developing your intuition and following quiet pursuits that heal you. This is very important as Saturn squares both the Sun and Mars from 3 house which can intensify your nerves and mental energy. The month ends with questionable communications as Mercury 12 th will square Neptune in the 3 rd house. You must be careful not to allow your fears to guide you. Mental clarity is mandatory.