Capricorn – Mercury Retrograde in 10th house warns you to be extra diligent when working on important career projects. This energy can bring confusion in communications and messages can be lost or misunderstood. You know that perfection is your goal but this is a hard time to achieve that level of performance especially when people are giving mixed messages or failing to follow through on deadlines. Keep one eye on the big picture and one on the details. Don’t trip yourself up.

Capricorn – the Lunar Eclipse in your 4 th house conjunct Uranus suggests balance must be maintained or you may experience a conflict between your personal and career responsibility. A lot of emotional issues or demands need attention in your personal surroundings. Make sure you give family members your undivided attention when they really need you. Take care of any home repairs before they become major issues. Remember, if you feel a real depth of security at home, you’ll be able to take on the world. Nurture both family and career relationships.

Capricorn – Venus in the 11 th house inspires you to contact friends or go out with new people so you’ll feel your part of an important social group. Opportunities come to you through the arts and entertainment. You would be wise to observe the motivations of others then you’ll know who you can trust and spend time with.