Capricorn – The month begins with a friendly trine that connects the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Gemini. This is a productive flow of energy that can have a beneficial effect in your work. There is a sense of cooperation and friendliness in the air that will allow you to complete important projects. This may help you gain recognition and put you on the fast track to success.

Capricorn – when Mercury returns to direct motion after the 9 th in your 10, you’ll feel more balanced and your ability to think more clearly will help you focus on new career goals If you’ve been sitting on a big idea now is the time to develop it. You can ask for advice from successful people and you’ll move ahead in career and social situations. You must act with confidence and determination.

Capricorn – the recent entry of Jupiter into your 9 house of understanding has brought you opportunities for expansion in the area of your personal ambitions. You may have the opportunity to blend your vision for the future with some positive action. The trine to Pluto 1st house demands that you believe in what you are saying, because if you do, you will be able to sell your ideas and expand your influence among others. Prove the power of your beliefs by the efficacy of your actions.

Capricorn – Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Virgo and your 9 house on the 25 th. You have a green light to expand your mind beyond its everyday limits. You are attracted to new ideas that can bring growth and opportunity. It is time for you to express your natural ambition for success. But remember what Socrates taught, The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Humility will serve you better than ego.