Capricorn – The month begins with as beautiful Venus in your 11 house trines sensitive Neptune on the 1 st in your 3 house . This is a great time to loosen your grip on the real world and allow your mind to wander. You have a natural ability to gain new friends by showing your sensitive side. You’ll create harmony in friendships and personal relationships.

Capricorn – a spike of energy occurs when Mars in the 1 squares Jupiter on the 5 th in your 10th house of career and social standing. You can be too ambitious and make others uncomfortable. Mercury’s square to Jupiter suggests you will be better using subtle techniques to get ahead. Keep on course, watch your p’s and q’s and don’t ruffle important feathers. Cool heads find success.

Capricorn – a powerful square from the Sun on the 7 th in your10th house of career and social position to Pluto in your 1 st house of personal expression. Challenges you to deepen you abilities. You need to be aware of how you effect others. The Square to Pluto demands you to change how you express your personal energy. Patience and understanding leads to cooperation and in the long run success..

Capricorn – Mars conjunct Pluto on the 19 th in your 1 intensifies your personal expression. You are attracted to power but may have to over come a fear of failure. You need to be a bit more adventurous and flexible and to find your key to success. When Mars Squares Uranus in your 4 on the 28 th you may feel some major emotional changes are coming. Do not fear for this can be a time of great deepening. If anything needs fixing at home take care of it now or hire and expert to do it.

Capricorn – Venus has been shining her light in your12 enhancing your sense of spirituality, sympathy and compassion. You’ll benefit from spending some time alone to meditate and practice healing. But her conjunction to Saturn on the 29 th reminds you not to run away from the realities of life. You must focus on everyday things so you can have the time alone you need. You must balance your work and spiritual needs.