Capricorn – (1) the month begins with Mars in Virgo in the 9 of ambition in opposition to Neptune in Pisces in your 3 house of communications. You need to think carefully before you speak especially with people you do not understand. Don’t make enemies. Mercury Trine Saturn on the 4t connects your 10 house of career and 2 house of money. This can help clarify financial situations so you understand what you need to do to get ahead. The weekends with Venus in the 10 house Square to Pluto in the 1 on the 5 t warning you not to openly challenge authority or the law.

Capricorn – (2) the second week begins with Venus entering Scorpio and your 11 house on the 10 t. This asks you to focus your ambitions through associations. You can be highly intuitive so listen to your intuition about new people. A T Square on the 13 & 14 formed by the Sun Moon and Neptune may bring confusion that can affect your ideas and ambitions. Make sure you find some quiet time so you can sort out any emotional issues or fears that could affect your performance especially at work.

Capricorn – (3) the third week is disrupted by a Venus Saturn square that challenges you to be careful with financial information especially in group situations. You may find yourself being fooled by critics instead of friends. the Full Moon on the 20 th suggests you spend some time alone so you rethink your ideas. Prepare them well before expressing them. The Mercury-Pluto Square on the 22 may expose information that can help you in your career but remember to keep secrets – secret.

Capricorn – (4) The fourth week features Venus in the 11 opposite Uranus in the 5 on the 23 rd so don’t mix pleasure with others without clear boundaries. Sex may present some awkward moments. Mars trine Saturn on the 25 t can help heal misunderstandings but beware since Mercury will go retrograde on the 27 t in your 10 house of career and you don’t want to be misunderstood. The 30 th brings a need for common sense with money and friends since Jupiter Square Venus = overindulgence.