Gemini – Mercury begins the year retrograde in your 7 house until the 8 th suggesting you may have disagreements with partners. Allow others room for their opinions. He retrogrades back into your 11 house 4/9 – 5/3 warning you not to follow the crowd they may be more confused than you are. From 8/12 – 9/5 he retrogrades into your 4 house bringing a need for common sense in family issues. If repairs are needed at home, hire a professional. His final retrograde is from 12/3 – 12/22 in your house 7 warning you to be careful with you partners. Give them understanding.

Gemini – Venus – brings opportunities for fun and pleasure from 2/4 – 6/6 you can be the center of attention and meet new people. Go slowly 3/4 – 4/15 while she’s RX. 8/27 – 9/20 brings a late-summer trip can have all the trappings of love and romance. December brings warm invitations to parties and gatherings. Let your partner shine.

Gemini – Mars visits your sign 4/22 – 6/4. Keep your head on straight because there lots of energy and much you can accomplish. Keep an open dialog with friends and partners. Mars challenges your work & health habits mid September & October.

Gemini – Jupiter transits Libra through October and your 5 house bringing opportunities in creative expression. Express generosity and kindness to attract love. There is a need to control extravagance. Jupiter opposes Uranus at the beginning of March and end of September so expect unusual social opportunities.

Gemini – Saturn transits your 7 house all year. What kind of people and experiences have come into your life. Have they been productive and powerful or frustrating? Negative personal experiences need to be examined and healed. Saturn trines Uranus in November giving you a new sense of personal belonging.

Gemini – Uranus transiting your transiting your 11 house continues to give you the opportunity to participate in society on a new social level. Neptune brings his subtle and creative energy to your 10 house. He inspires you to seek new and creative experiences in your career. Pluto in your 8 house continues to add spiritual depth, sensitivity and a new awareness of your potential.