Gemini – Jupiter moves direct in your 3 house till 8/11 bringing a new wave of mental energy and curiosity. Take the time to improve your mind. You may thank your lucky stars as you assimilate new ideas and concepts and grow your mind. You’ll be able to communicate your ideas effectively. Combine selling, travel and study and impress your friends. Remember to focus on what is most important you’ll find greater success.

Gemini – Pluto Retrograde in the 8 th house of intimacy compels you to deepen your intuition and psychic abilities. You gain power and release as you join your energy with people you trust on an intimate level. You can purge old fears and inhibitions but you must first identify and understand where they come from. Control any urge to manipulate others for it is time to reawaken the true essence of your being.

Gemini – Mercury joins Mars in your12 th house of spirituality. You may need to take some quiet time as you try to listen to the still voice within. Frustration and delay are clues that you need to slow down and adjust your plan of attack. Hidden fears can be uprooted so you have a practical plan for achievement. Spiritual awareness brings you clarity and purpose.