Gemini – Jupiter retrograde in your 4 house can stimulate family issues so keep the peace at home. Confusion can put loved ones on edge so listen carefully. This is a good time to review home improvements. Take time for meditation, it will keep you clear and centered
Gemini – Saturn’s retrograde in your 7 suggests you review what you’ve learned through the personal commitments in your life. Have relationships brought growth or frustration and loss. If mutual support and respect is missing you need to make a change

Mercury enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries on April 5, 2016 Gemini – Mercury enters your 12 house. Take some time to organize your inner mind and emotions. Spend some time in meditation and listen to your dreams.
Venus brings her charm to your 11 house adding a sense of kindness and consideration to your interaction with other people. You’ll feel more comfortable with other people and open to social opportunities.

Gemini – Mars goes retrograde in your 7 – consider the action you have taken in relationships and when dealing with the public. This is not a good time to fight or have a confrontation so control your actions with partners. Back off for a while Be gentle and remember that peace brings love and prosperity.

Gemini – Pluto Retrograde in the 8 th house of intimacy compels you to deepen your intuition and psychic abilities. You gain power and release as you join your energy with people you trust on an intimate level. You can purge old fears and inhibitions but you must first identify and understand where they come from. Control any urge to manipulate others for it is time to reawaken the true essence of your being.