Gemini – The month begins with a powerful Jupiter Pluto Square. Expansive Jupiter in your 5 house of pleasure is challenged by the purging power of Pluto in your 8 house of sensuality. You’ve had opportunities to express your creativity, generosity and attract love. However, the square to Pluto in your 8 house demands that you add spiritual depth and cooperate with other. Your sensitivity has increased and you may have a new awareness of your true potential. You may need to control extravagance.

Gemini – Saturn is retrograde in the 7 house. You must learn from the results you have experienced through the personal commitments in your life. Have you grown through your relationships or have you experienced frustration and loss. A good relationship or partnership demands mutual support and respect. If that’s missing than you need to make a change.

Gemini – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 12th House suggests you take some time to examine your feelings and watch your tongue so you don’t blurt out negative words. Your emotions are powerful but your normal protective shield may not be working as well as it should. Confusion and personal challenges may get the best of your emotions.

Gemini – Mars moves into in your1 stimulating impulsive and adventurous actions which may surprise some people. Make your wishes & presence known. You can be aggressive but don’t be egotistical or people will turn away. Disciplined this energy and focus on self improvement. You will be more effective if you are efficient, practical and follow a logical plan of action.