Gemini – The month begins with a powerful Mercury Pluto Square from your 12 th to the ninth house. It is important that you realize your inner voice may be affected by irrational thoughts. You need to protect your faith in yourself for there may be people who are misleading your spiritual beliefs. You may think you’re on the right path but you might have to look at the bigger picture to understand the rules of the game. A sextile from Saturn to Mercury will help you maintain common sense. The Full Moon falls in your fifth house of pleasure so you may be tempted to overindulge in the pleasures of the flesh. Just remember there can be emotional sensitivities that you may have to deal with later.

Gemini – week 2 opens with Venus sextile Neptune and Mercury sextile Mars. Since Venus and Mercury are in your 12 th house of limitations and behind-the-scenes activities. It will be important to be aware of the inner feelings that are motivating your actions so you should be quiet and listen carefully to your conscience. The Venus trine to Pluto will show you the importance of following your intuition. Jupiter conjunct the Sun in your 11 th house can bring new opportunities and pleasurable experiences with friends and networking brings rewards in business. But Venus Square Saturn reminds you that not everyone will share their feelings
So be a bit protective.

Gemini – The 3 week begins with a powerful Sun Pluto Square that connects your 12 th and 9 th houses. This presents you with an important dilemma that demands your attention. You may be faced with a challenge to understand how your ambitions fit with your deeper spiritual needs. If you want to be a success then you have to follow the rules of the game or play your own tune. Standing alone can be difficult but most rewarding. Select your battles using wisdom and understanding others’ needs. A New Moon in your 11 th house will bring connections that can help you overcome the judgment of others. This is a good time to network with people who can help you realize your dreams.

Gemini – The month ends with some very nice energy as the Sun in your 12th house sextiles Saturn in the 10 th bringing stability in career and social situations. Take some time to network with powerful people who can help you get ahead. Mars in your 2 nd house of money will sextile Uranus in your 12 th house of limitations This brings new energy to the way you understand your inner motivations. You can overcome some inner fears. Beautiful Venus will conjunct the Moon in your 1 st house. Take advantage of this fleeting energy by being more social. This is a good time to push yourself forward by sharing good ideas with others. Just remember you’ll catch more bees with honey than vinegar