Gemini, the Sun Mercury and Jupiter are energizing your 3 as the month begins increasing your ability to assimilate new ideas and communicate them with a dramatic flair that others will find entertaining. New places and experiences beckon so pack a suit case and be ready to go at a moments notice. Planning a new and exciting adventure spice up your life but taking action brings rewards.

Gemini – Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in your 3 on the 18th. Use this time to tackle a new learning experience and travel for fun or business. Use your analytical skills to be an expert and communicate with finesse. Don’t be over-optimistic when you need to be realistic and don’t get side tracked by the many thoughts that come your way. A positive mind is a powerful mind

Gemini – Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 25th in house 6 increase energy & helps you become productive. Put your nose to the grindstone and take care of business. Be careful w/ machinery for accidents can happen. The conjunction to Saturn suggests you need to control your emotions. Frustration can create conflicts with your boss. New responsibilities may burden you a bit but focus on what needs to get done. Watch your health and start a new self-improvement project. Change bad habits now.