Gemini – The month begins as Saturn turns direct in Scorpio and your 6 house of daily routines. This is his final transit here for the next 27 years. Its time to examine the changes you’ve made in your daily routines. Have you increased your productivity at work or have you been frustrated. Do you feel energized and excited about challenges or fearful about what’s to come? Put yourself on track for better health and work success by being efficient and effective. The rewards will follow.

Gemini – Jupiter enters Virgo in your fourth house emotional foundations on August 11. Jupiter is in detriment in this sign so you may have to make some adjustments in the areas of family and emotional issues. Don’t get caught up in the details of everyday life and you will find plenty of opportunities to improve your personal surroundings. This can help you feel more secure and grounded. Be a little practical when it comes to feelings and emotional issues. You could invest in a new home.

Gemini – Venus retrograde in your 3 house of mind and communications suggests you re-evaluate how you’ve been thinking and expressing yourself. If others aren’t understanding U.. listen to the feedback you are getting… it can help you change your style and be more effective. Information, communications and travel plans may all go awry so be willing to adjust to new ideas, plans and the needs of the moment.