Gemini – The month begins as Mercury in your 2 house opposes Pluto in your eighth house of shared energies. Pluto rules the eighth house so you may have to be more aware of how you share financial and sensual energies with others. A spike of energy occurs on the fourth when Mars in the 11 squares Jupiter in your 8th house of renewal. This is a good time to look at how you interact with others on a personal and social level. Mars 11 stimulates your need for participation. The square to Pluto on the 13 th in your 8 th house awakens deep life-changing awareness that demands life-changing experiences. Join your psychic energy to like-minded people. Uranus turns retrograde on the 15 th in your 12 st house & asks you to review any changes you’ve made to your spiritual and psychological nature. Neptune in your 10th house. Keep your eye, ears and psychic sense open for new opportunities are coming your way. Dreams inspire but hard work spells success. Neptune’s trine to Venus on the 27 th in the 2 may bring an opportunity to make more money.