Gemini, The month begins with a gentle burst of energy that highlights your seventh house, Be open to your partners ideas and be cooperative. Get out and meet new people.

Gemini – Venus in the 6 th house inspires a sense of creativity in your daily routine. If your everyday world is too mundane, you may be able to enhance your surroundings or create more positive social interactions to make life more enjoyable. You’ll benefit by bringing a sense of passion to everything you do. Enjoy the fun but remember to spend your energy wisely.

Gemini – Mars in the 5 stimulates your sensuality and creativity. The pursuit of pleasure is high on your list of things to do. This is a great time to start a creative project or go out on a hot date. But you must use your physical energy carefully. His Opposition to Uranus on December 10 th in the 11 may bring some challenges through your friends or groups you want to join. It’s nice to do good in the world but you don’t want to be manipulated. Know the real purpose behind social activities.

Gemini – the Full Moon Christmas illuminates your 2 nd house of money and material matters. Watch the budget and don’t spend money just to make yourself feel good. Emotional feelings and the realities of life are conflicted. Once you know you can pay the bills, you’ll fell better and have more opportunity to enjoy. Money comes and goes so hold onto some of it.