Gemini – The month begins with Venus in the 5 th house Square to Pluto in the 8 th house and the Moon in the 3 rd. This is a challenging energy that may pit your idea of pleasure against your partners. communications may be mixed up or you may need to take time to understand your partners ideas. This may be a bit difficult since the the Sun Conjuncts Mars in the 7 th house suggesting that there is a lot of ego energy in the air. You don’t want to go to war so find a way to cooperate. The answer may come from a Saturn Square to both the Sun and Mars from the 10 th House of career. Saturn is strong in the tenth and he suggests you take your time and follow the rules. This may lead to career advancement.

Gemini – week 2 shines under the New Moon in your 7 th house bringing a new cycle of cooperation to your relationships
this is a good time to find a new partner if single or improve your cooperation with the people you love. This energy can also affect business partners who may give you support. Joint finances may need care since Mercury goes retrograde on the 13 th in the 8 th. He trines Jupiter in the 12 th bringing disagreements to light. An opposition between Jupiter and Venus in the 6 th temps you to be excessive with a work assignment. But a Saturn trine to Venus from the 10 th house will help stabilize your emotions allowing you to take the productive route and impress important authority figures.

Gemini – The 3 week begins with the Sun in your 7 th house Squared to Neptune in the 10 th. The energy of the Sun brings the energy to express yourself to personal and business partners. You may even step out into the public but the square to Neptune suggests you need to be aware that your actions may conflict with career responsibilities. This is important for Venus in the 6 th house of work also Squares the Moon in the 9 th warning you that your emotions may not be understood by co workers or bosses. Pay attention to your responsibilities. This will be very important since Mercury retrograde in the 8 th house suggests misunderstandings may manifest on a deep level.

Gemini – The month ends with The Sun entering Capricorn and your 8 th house. You may be focusing on the traditions of the season and all the treasures of sharing with loved ones. Just remember to be a bit careful with spending since the bills will come due. The Sun also trines Jupiter in the 12 th bringing a sense of deep spirituality. You know the meaning of the season. Venus 6 also trines Neptune 10 which makes everyone feel spiritually lightened and renewed. Plan ahead for a successful new year full of unexpected opportunities. Mercury retrograde and Mars in the 7 th brings a note of caution when dealing with partners and the public. Put your best foot forward and behave yourself in public.