Gemini – Mars 11 stimulates your need for participation. There are people to meet, places to go and things to see. You may join a group of like minded people so you can enjoy social events. Just remember an effective leader needs to be a good listener. The square to Pluto in your 8 th house awakens deep life changing awareness that demands life changing experiences. Join your psychic energy to like minded people and harness power on a level you’ve never experienced before. Madness is isolation from others. Rebirth may be the gift of this energy.

Mercury enters Pisces and your 10, adding more sensitivity to your goals and ambitions
your ability to think more clearly will help you focus on new career goals. If you’ve been sitting on a big idea now is the time to develop it. You can ask for advice from successful people and you’ll move ahead in career and social situations. Act with confidence and determination.

Mars conjunct Uranus 11 may create a powerful spike of energy on the 13 the which can disrupt plans for Valentine’s day. If you don’t have a special person, this can be a time of opportunity for meeting someone new through business or social groups. So get out and about and do social networking. Just make sure you separate personal and business interests and remember love is gentle and kind, not over powering

Venus Conjuncts Pluto in your eighth house – You need to deepen the energy, the values and the money you share with other people. Joint finances and business deals need to be reviewed.
Your emotions and sensitivity are vulnerable especially in new situations. You must trust partners or polish your relationships.