Gemini – (1) the month begins with a powerful but contradictory New Moon conjunct Saturn in your 9 th house The new Moon is expansive and full of spontaneous energy. But the conjunction to Saturn brings a sense of seriousness as you try to expand your horizons. Move slowly with ambitious plans. Mercury turns direct on the third in your eighth house bringing some clarity in communications with financial investments and intimate situations. you need to speak from the heart with the people you know.

Gemini – (2) the second week begins with Mars trine Uranus. This is a positive and energizing aspect that connects your eighth house of shared energy with your 12 th house of limitations. You must not let fear be your guide when dealing with others but you should also use common sense when following your intuitions. The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto also in the eighth house suggests you must dig deep to understand the energy affecting your partners. Be willing to bend and adjust so you don’t have a power struggle.

Gemini – (3) the third week begins as Venus conjunct Mars in the eighth house of shared energy. This can be a potent force for financial decisions and emotional commitments. You must use your deeper psychic sense to know what other people need from you. This can be a very passionate time. The Full Moon on the 16 th reinforces a need for good communications and learning others’ deepest beliefs. There can be a lot of dramatic energy in the air and if you are wise you will use it to build bridges of understanding.

Gemini – (4) the fourth week has Venus and Mars in your 8 th house sextile, Neptune, in your 10 th house of career. This is a gentle energy that can be used to create an atmosphere of creative ideas and visionary expression. You may find your intuition helps you in business. Pluto and the Moon will join with the energy of Venus and Mars strengthening your ability to express your deepest creative urges. This can be a breakthrough time so use your ability to transform any type of career challenge into an opportunity.