Gemini – the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Leo and your 3 house that is enhanced by a full moon. You have a green light for travel, fun and new experiences. Your mind is even more curious than usual so tackle any intellectual challenges. Start a new course that will help you develop your analytical skills an and you may be recognized as an expert in your field. Use your sense of drama to enhance your communication skills.

Gemini – On July 15 Mercury and Mars in your 2nd house oppose Pluto in your eighth house of shared energies under the light of an emotional New Moon. Pluto rules the eighth house so you may have to be more aware of how you share financial and sensual energies with others. Do not force your will in business or personal dealings and watch investments carefully. Depth of awareness brings personal growth.

Gemini – Uranus turns retrograde in your 11th house & asks you to review any changes you’ve made to your pattern of social activities. Exciting and unusual people may enter your life. You realize that you need to participate on a larger social stage & you may have some abilities to help change worn out social structures.