Gemini – the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter sextile that connects your 2nd house of resources with your 4th house of foundations You have a green light in the area of money and personal resources. This will give you a renewed sense of security that will help you enjoy your home and family life. Make sure you express affection to those you love. Luck is with you but don’t take foolish gambles. True humility builds real self confidence.

Gemini – The Sun and Mercury in your 2nd house oppose Pluto in your 8 th house of shared energies. Pluto rules the eighth house so be more aware of how you share financial and sensual energies with others and what they want from you. The Venus Square to Uranus in your 11 warns you to be aware of the energy you are sharing with social and business groups. Know their values and if they are true to their mission before you to give your all.

Gemini – the conjunction of Mercury and Venus 3 will be helpful in all types of intellectual, travel and communications work. You’ll have an easy time assimilating new information and you’ll be able to analyze it in a productive manner. The trine to Saturn in your 7 suggests you take a practical approach with partners and the public. If people can understand what you are saying and you communicate with sensitivity you will be more successful for you’ll gain their support..