New Moon – June 2104
Gemini – the month opens under the vibration of a Gemini new Moon in your 1 st house of personal expression and appearance. You could be a little extra sensitive this month so be careful with your moods and the emotions you feel from others. This is a good time to communicate your ideas and sell yourself because your personality is bright and shinny and you can make a good impression. Just make sure you remember important details.

Mercury Retrograde June 7, 2104
Gemini – Mercury RX in 1st House warns you to watch your p’s and q’s as your ruling planet is the subject of disruptive energy. So some basic advice during this period is to watch what you say and reign in any foolish notions. Good manners will help mitigate any misunderstanding as common sense will help in communications. If you need to repeat yourself, reexamine what you’re trying to say and if people look at you funny, you may have to reevaluate your actions.

Neptune Retrograde June 9, 2022
Gemini – Neptune is retrograde in your 10th house. Neptune is always subtle but now his energy can bring confusion as you seek new opportunities in your career or social standing. You would like to be seen as a creative person in your attracted to the power of glamour. But this may not be a good time to give up your day job. Creative expression takes hard work and staying focused will be difficult at this time. You may have to pause so you can re-evaluate the purpose of your career.