Gemini – (1) the month begins with Venus in your 2 house of resources trine Jupiter in your 10 house of career and status. You have an opportunity to put your best foot forward to gain career recognition and perhaps a higher level of compensation. Mars also in the 2 house opposes Pluto in the 8 th. You must balance your need for resources with the needs of others. Cooperation can overcome competition if you learn to work towards a common goal. Personal intimacy also demands cooperation rather than manipulation.

Gemini – (2) the second week begins with a New Moon in your 1 house of personal projection. You may be able to find new ways to express yourself and communicate with others. However, you may have to control your ego. This can be important as Mars will enter Leo and your 3 house. His action-oriented energy will inspire you to say what is on your mind but you must be careful not to be too impetuous or pushy. Personal power can be enhanced through disciplined thought and well-planned action. Inspire with knowledge.

Gemini – (3) the third week may be the most challenging of the month as stoic Saturn in the 9 house Squares erratic Uranus in the 12. You will have to be aware of your ideas, how you express them, and the ambition that is pushing you forward. Willfulness may rear its ugly head so be willing to compromise and try new ideas. This may be particularly true as expansive Jupiter goes retrograde in your 10 house of career. This may be an important time to re-evaluate what you expect to accomplish in the world.

Gemini – (4) The fourth week features some easy and challenging energy. The good news is Mercury goes direct in Gemini and your 1 house of personal expression. This may help you find new ways of expressing your ideas and influencing people. It’s also a good time to be analytical, not critical. But be careful not to confuse yourself as Neptune will go retrograde in your 10 house of status. Pause and take stock of your creative abilities and place in the world. You may be given the chance to help inspire others.