Gemini – (1) the month begins with Mercury turning stationary Direct in your 12 house and Saturn the Lord of Karma turning RX in your 9 house. This is a week of conflicting energy. Mercury wants to slow down and deal with deeply personal issues. You want to spend time in quiet so you can clear your mind and emotions from past confusion. However, Saturn may have a different plan. He is more concerned with understanding the bigger picture. Pay attention to other people and what they are telling you. You may not agree with everything they say but you must listen.

Gemini- (2) the second week is exciting as Mercury 12 Trines Pluto 8, sexy Venus conjuncts Uranus 12 house, and there is a Full Moon in your 7 house. The Mercury-Pluto trine may bring an investment opportunity or good news that changes your financial situation. Venus Conjunct Uranus in the 12 warns you to keep in control – secrets may be revealed. So respect personal boundaries. The Full Moon in your 7 suggests a new approach to your most important relationships may be needed. Listen to others and pay attention in public. Don’t embarrass yourself.

Gemini – (3) the third week begins with a Deceptive Sun 1 Square Neptune 10 energy and Venus 12 Squares Saturn 9 But settles down as Venus 12 Trines Pluto 8 at the end of the week. The Sun Neptune Square demands clear thinking and communication or you may cause confusion in career situations. Venus square Saturn from the 12 house reminds you hidden fears may cause disagreements so be clear about your beliefs. When Venus trines Pluto at the end of the week you may free yourself from a limiting situation and feel a rebirth of your true potential

Gemini – (4)the fourth-week Demands clarity as Neptune turns retrograde in the 10 house of career. You are helped by a New Moon in Cancer in the second house of finances and positive Mars and Venus aspects. Neptune is always tricky to handle the demands you take to review your career achievements. The New Moon in your 2 house suggests you’ll get help by reorganizing your money and finances. The Venus and Mars energies will bring positive energies into your life that can bring renewal to your curiosity and sense of enjoyment.