Gemini – Neptune transits your 10 house in Pisces the sign he rules, which gives him added strength. New opportunities can come for the expression of creativity in your career or in social situations. So get involved in creative projects. The conjunction to the sun can bring some confusion or illumination and also an important opportunity for success, but you must not be hypnotized by the allure of glamour. You need substance. Apply your talents to new responsibilities.

Gemini – Jupiter continues his transit through your 5 house bringing opportunities in the areas of romance and creative expression. Your joie de vivre is enhanced and a new sense of freedom permeates the air. Kindness and generosity will open doors while love and romance enrich your life. The Powerful opposition to Uranus in your 11 house may help you make friends with exciting people. You must choose them wisely.

Gemini – Mars enters your12 of. This energy stimulates you to look inside. Understand the motivations behind your deeper desires. If you’ve been frustrated or influenced by old fears you have the energy to deal with personal issues. Spiritual renewal projects bring the reward of emotional clarity. Yoga, dreams and meditation may help renew your deeper energies.

Gemini – the Saturn Moon conjunction falls in your 7 th house. This can be a constructive or depressing combination according to your nature. It’s a good time to take the needs of business or romantic partners seriously. If you want to keep the peace you will control your feelings so that balance and harmony may be achieved. cooperative efforts can be very effective. The key is to help people on their pet projects. Improve your public relations skills.