Gemini – the Taurus New Moon in your 12th house of limitations open a new sensitivity to your inner mind and emotions. Practice meditation and prayer for If you can still your mind you will gain hold of one of your greatest treasures. This is a great time to identify inner fears so they can be looked at in a practical and realistic light. This will allow you to let go of the past and awaken to the future. Listen to your dreams.

Gemini – Mars moves forward in your 5 house of speculation, creativity and personal expression this energy can stimulate your pleasure principle. It increases ur sensuality and you’re willing to pursue your impulses. You have a tendency to come on too strong so make sure you’re not being self centered. respect the need of others to be themselves and use your physical energy carefully. Be creative, be expressive and enjoy sharing yourself.

Gemini — You’ll love the sense of excitement as Venus joins Uranus in your 11 house. Normally Venus brings a sense of kindness and consideration to others as she transits the 11th house. You feel more social and open to the ideas of other people However, when Uranus joins this loving planet things can become erratic. This is his power zone and you can meet exciting but unusual new people. Static situations may be left behind so you can move ahead and the same goes for ideas that don’t serve you. Its good to open your mind, embrace the potential of the future, & join with others in common cause. Just maintain common sense.