Gemini – Venus shines her gentle light in your second house all month. You can use her energy to take stock of what you need and want in life Some people love objects like jewelry or antiques but memories found in an old photo may have equal value. A surprising & exciting gift of romance and pleasure can come your way on the 25 th as Venus squares unpredictable Uranus. If you really want to feel rich give those you love your best, the feelings from deep within your heart.

Gemini – Mars is transiting your1st house of personal projection. His energy will stimulate your personal activities and you may be too impulsive and more adventurous than usual. You can display your charismatic personality and be very magnetic just remember you may attract aggressive people who will give you competition but perhaps not real value. Success demands disciplined action and logic not an overblown ego. Be efficient and practical and you may win the day.

Gemini – Mercury Retrograde in 1st House and your sign suggests that you need to be extra cautious in communications and travel. Watch what you say because your logic filter may be out to lunch. Good manners will help mitigate misunderstanding as common sense will help in communications. There is plenty of disruptive energy around when Mars joins Mercury on the 27 th so its important to watch where you’re going and what you’re saying. This is not a good time to be foolish.