Gemini – Neptune in your 10th house suggests you keep your eye, ears and psychic sense open for new opportunities are coming your way. Dreams inspire but hard work spells success – together they help you to focus on achieving your goals. Be practical for this area makes or breaks your future. Glamour and fame are nice but true satisfaction come from following your spiritual path. The Sun’s trine to Neptune in the 6 enhances your ability to succeed in work by giving a special creative touch and insight. Take the creative path.

Gemini Uranus 11 is in his power zone which may bring you connections to exciting new people. Old friends may be left behind so you can enjoy new social situations. Listen to new ideas but don’t bet the farm on everything you hear. A beautiful trine from Venus in the 7 house demands that you get out in front of the public for your social instincts will help you build new alliances on a personal and professional levels. Romance awaits you.

Gemini – Mars moves into in your 9 stimulating you to pursue new and unusual ideas. You can promote what you believe with great energy but be aware your truth is not necessarily “the truth”. You can deepen your knowledge in philosophical or abstract terms but be careful in debates. be willing to allow other people to hold & express their own beliefs for cooperation brings success.

Gemini – The Mercury Saturn conjunction 7 warns you to listen very carefully to what other people are saying. Confusion in the air and you don’t want to make it worse. Be sensitive to the possibility that anyone can make a mistake. Watch out for political types who promise the world just to get what they want. Don’t let your guard down in public, study the details on contracts and keep within the letter of the law.

Gemini – A powerful conjunction of Venus and Pluto in your 8 intensifies the need to feel a deep sense of connectedness with those you love. You are sensual and psychic and want to bond on the deepest level. Be aware that this is a difficult experience to achieve and not everyone has the same values. The square from Jupiter in your 5 house is excessive & warns there is more to romance than just sensuality. Do not allow the pleasure principle to blind your common sense. Stay away from jealousy and excessiveness.