Gemini – (1) the month begins with Mercury in your 5 house of pleasure Squ Pluto in your 8 house of shared energy. This repeats October’s challenge. Make sure you know all the facts before making romantic or creative decisions. The New Moon opposes Uranus suggesting people at work may be too willful and erratic. You need to be careful not to allow your fears and inhibitions to throw you off course. You may take some quiet time to plan your future actions. Venus enters Capricorn and your eighth house at the end of the week this can help clarify what you really value. Take a conservative approach to finances.

Gemini (2) the second week begins with Mercury and Mars together in your 6 house of work and daily routines. They both Square Saturn in your 9 house of ambition. The excess energy of Mars & Mercury can bring disputes in work or business. Make sure you know what is expected of you and keep your nose to the grindstone. You should also be careful in sharing your personal plans. Since both planets Square Saturn in the 9 th house you must use wisdom when dealing with people you don’t know or understand or who come from a different background. Different belief systems need to be respected.

Gemini – (3) the third week requires discipline as the Sun Squares Jupiter and you may be tempted to get involved with new ideas at work. They may sound promising but someone’s vision might lack practical potential and egos might be involved. The opposition between Mars and Uranus could stir up trouble because you can’t see what is motivating others at work. You need to find some quiet time so you can recharge your batteries and make the necessary adjustments. Mercury Squares Jupiter at the end of the week so remember empty heads make the most noise. Be practical and take care of your personal responsibilities.

Gemini – (4) The fourth week features a return to some friendlier energy as Mars in the 6 house trines Neptune in the 10. This combines a good work ethic with a spiritual vision. You may experience a creative breakthrough in your work that can lead to career recognition. Your ability to combine details and ideas can bring a project down to earth. Your ability to cooperate with others may make hard work an easy task. This can help you bond with co-workers. A Mercury Saturn sextile will prove to partners that cooperation can lead to success. It’s a good time to express yourself and your future plans.