Gemini -Mercury Retrograde in 5th house warns you to check your pleasure principle at the door. This energy can have romantic partners singing different songs and creating stress where harmony should reign. Playfulness can be taken out of context and silly sweet nothings can lead to nothing at all. Make sure everyone’s on the same page when planning trips or picnics and don’t forget dessert. Creative projects may take more cooperation, so plan for some delays.

Gemini – the Lunar Eclipse in 11 th house conjunct Uranus suggests balance must be maintained or you may experience a conflict between your social ambitions and your intimate relationships. It’s great to be in social demand but responsibilities owed to groups and organizations can get in the way of personal expression and enjoyment. You need to maintain your social connections without losing time for sharing in your intimate relationships. It takes a bit of genius but U can put your creativity to work for a group while still finding time for romance. Enjoy.

Gemini – Venus in the 6 th house inspires a sense of creativity in your work. If your work is mundane, you may be able to enhance your work conditions or create more positive social interactions to make work more enjoyable. You would be wise to focus on your efficiency and your sense of well being. Watch your diet.