Gemini – (1) the month begins with Jupiter in your 11 house of associates opposite Venus in your 5 house of pleasure. This is an excessive combination of energy and suggests self-control is needed. Your pursuit of pleasure must not interfere with your social responsibilities. You must know your boundaries and stay focused. The enemy is wishful thinking. Mercury goes direct in your 4 house which can help with personal security issues. Have a family discussion. Mercury trines Pluto in the 8 house which deepens your mind and inspires your intuition.

Gemini- (2) the second week opens with Pluto going direct in your 8 house of shared energy. This may bring you an important opportunity to deepen personal and business connections. You can follow your feelings and eliminate negative thinking. The Full Moon asks for cooperation on creative projects that open you to romantic possibilities. The Sun and Venus will trine Saturn in your 9 house focusing your mind on future ambitions and goals. Mars Square Neptune warns you not to rely on dreams. You must mix them with hard work and inspiration.

Gemini – (3) the third week brings a complex Sun, Venus Mars, and Pluto setup that can keep you guessing which way to go. The Sun and Venus in the 5 house of pleasure both trine Mars in the 1 house of personality. This can bring a lucky break, good news, and an opportunity to make yourself more successful. Support new ideas with a viable plan of action. But a Square from the Sun and Venus to Pluto in your 8 house of shared energy and intimacy warns you to control your sensuality. Make sure you are on the same page with your partner.

Gemini – (4) The fourth begins with a New Moon in the 6 house while Saturn has gone direct in the 9 house. The Moon brings emotional intensity to your work or daily routines while Saturn asks for a bit of detachment especially dealing with the ideas of other people you do not know. Handle yourself with wisdom and gain a new understanding. This will be very important as Mars begins his long retrograde period in your 1 house of personal expression. Your personality and ego may come into review. Measure your self-opinion with the feedback others give you.