Gemini – the month begins with a New Moon solar eclipse in your 4 th house of. This energy stimulates a fix up clean up or remodeling plan that will help you put your house in order. Just make a plan of action and follow it step-by-step. You’ll enjoy working with family members to get things done. You’ll find a great sense of satisfaction by being productive. Just remember to keep a sensible balance between home, family and career responsibilities.

Gemini – Jupiter moves into Libra the sign of justice and public relations and your 5 house of. This is an exciting time on many levels. Take every opportunity to meet new people and show them how creative and generous you can be. Kindness will attract love and romance so wear your heart on your sleeve. There is power in generosity but you need to control extravagance.

Gemini.- the final Saturn Neptune Square connects your 7 house of relationships to your 10 house of social status and power. You can use this challenge to blend the power of illusion to create a new structure in your reality. Saturn in your 7 requires responsibility when dealing with business and personal partners. If you come before the public, you must be trustworthy. But Neptune in your 10 dissolves structures and tells you to follow your spirit. Express your creative power but maintain a sense of justice.

Gemini – Retrograde Mercury trines retrograde Pluto on 9/20 fooling you into thinking you have all the answers. Think again and listen carefully to family members. They may have some helpful insights that can solve problems you’ll be happy after the 22 when Mercury goes direct and you handle family issues with ease and make needed repairs at home. Be happy at home.