Gemini – (1) the month begins with Mars in Leo in the 4 of foundations in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius in your 10 house of status. You need to think carefully before you shake up your career status. Don’t attack authority figures. Mercury Trine Saturn on the 4t connects your 5 house of pleasure and 9 house of ideas. This is a good time to communicate your ideas and ambitions so you can make your mark in the world. You know what it takes to be a success. The weekends with Venus in the 5 house Square to Pluto in the 8 on the 5 t warning you not to cross boundaries in intimate or money issues.

Gemini – (2) the second week begins with Venus entering Scorpio and your 6 house on the 10 t. This asks you to focus on your work and daily routines. This is a highly psychic position so listen to your deeper feelings but don’t express your sensuality at work. A T Square on the 13 & 14 formed by the Sun Moon and Neptune may bring confusion that can affect your home and career. Don’t allow personal responsibilities to get in the way of career responsibilities. Be cautious in public.

Gemini – (3) the third week is disrupted by a Venus Saturn square that challenges you to be careful with work information especially when dealing with new people. You may find yourself dealing with people of vastly different values. the Full Moon on the 20 th suggests you spend some time recharging your career ambitions. Put some new goals into action but o not be swayed by emotional fears. Keep them quiet. Listen closely to The Mercury-Pluto Square on the 22 may expose information that can help you when dealing with intimate issues. Secret deals should be kept secret.

Gemini – (4) The fourth week features Venus in the 6 opposite Uranus in the 12 on the 23 rd so keep quiet about your hidden plans. Make sure you can trust people before you confide in them. Mars trine Saturn on the 25 t can help in creative projects that have future potential. But don’t take action yet since Mercury will go retrograde on the 27 t in your 5 house and you may have to make revisions in your pet project The 30 th brings overconfidence as Jupiter will Square Venus.