Gemini – The month begins with some powerful cross currents of energy as 5 planets are retrograde and will be joined by Jupiter making a six pack. Jupiter in your 12 house of limitations warns you to recognize how you defeat yourself. There may also be a general sense of confusion in the air, missed messages and a feeling that everything is going haywire. Be careful w/communications, home and security issues as Mercury in your 4 th is one of the culprits. The good news is Venus will go direct in your 3 house of intellect and Mars is direct in your 5 th house of pleasure bringing positive energy to romance and creativity. Take some time to enjoy yourself but make sure you go slowly.

Gemini – week 2 is a powerful time for reflection and repair as Mercury retrograde is distancing from the Sun in your 4 th house. This is the house of emotional foundations, home, family and your sense of inner security. Mercury retrograde in this area asks you to review your approach to these issue to see what might need to be changed. The same may be said about your approach to security. If you’ve felt insecure adjust your approach so you can heal what needs to be healed. You’ll feel renewed. Take advantage of this opportunity for the New Moon in the 4 can bring new opportunities to be more cooperative at home. That may very well impress your family.

Gemini – The 3 week begins with a bang as Mercury goes direct in your 4 th house and Venus in the 3 rd house Squares Jupiter in the 12 th. Mercury direct will help you clear up any confusion with family members. This is a good time to begin a home improvement project. Venus in the 3 rd will enhance your ability to get along friends and siblings but the Square to Jupiter in the 12 th house of limitations warns you to be careful with secrets. This may be a good time to keep things close to your chest. An opposition between the Sun in the 4 th house and Neptune in the 10 th warns you there may be confusion in career situations. Don’t promise more than you can deliver.

Gemini – The month ends with the Sun entering Libra and the 5 house of your chart energizing your pursuit of pleasure and creativity. You can use this energy to enjoy life with your favorite romantic squeeze. Take a gentle approach. Venus in the 3 house of intellect will Square Uranus in the 12 th house. You must be very careful to watch your mind and how your fears direct you. You can be too willful and independent for your own good. Mercury in the 4 house of foundations will trine Uranus in your 12 th house. This is a good energy for thinking deeply on important spiritual issues. You may discover some hidden ideas that can set you free from your limitations.