Mercury is retrograde 1/20 – 2/11 Aquarius in your 9 house of the higher mind. You may have to re read important instructions to get things right. 5/18 – 6/11 Gem in your 1 house look in the mirror and practice what your going to say. This will help build understanding. 9/17 – 10/9 Libra in your 5 house listen to your love carefully. You may have to adjust.

Venus – Goddess of Love is in your sign from 4/11 – 5/8/2015 so get out and enjoy yourself and meet exciting new people. She also smiles on you from 11/8 – 12/5/2015 making the holiday season a time of love so don’t go out alone. Do be careful from 7/25 – 9/6/2015 when she retrogrades make sure you keep the peace at home.

Mars is in your sign and 1 house from 5/13 – 6/24/2015. Your mind and your body may be going out 100 miles an hour and that’s all right if you keep everything in control. Reach out into the world with self-confidence to achieve your goals. He inspires you to take romantic and creative action 11/13 – 1/3/2016 when is in the compatible sign of Libra

Jupiter starts the year retrograde in your 3 and the sign Leo this may put a hold on some adventurous plans you had to expand your mind through travel and communications. You may need to rework the details of a business deal. He moves into Virgo and your 4 house on August 11, 2015 now you can sense that real growth is just around the corner as you feel a new sense of security and an outlet for your ambitions. Learn to use your sensitivity and ability to nurture others. They are valuable assets.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 7 house for the first time in 29 years. This is an important position that will shape your interaction with others and help you create depth in your partnerships and any public position that you may hold. Be trustworthy. He will retrograde back into your 6 house of health and work from 6/16 till 9/19. Take this time to review the lessons you’ve learned concerning the use of your personal energy and you ability to be efficient. A positive daily routine is needed for now its time to move ahead.

Uranus has brought change energy to your 11 house of social participation for the past few years. He’s given you the energy and opportunity to bring exciting new people into your life. You’ll feel empowered to work with them to create a bright new world. The final Square to Pluto in your 8 th house will open new channels of energy to increase your awareness of the subtle side of life. A new sense of spiritual depth helps you harness energy and sensitivity that brings an exciting renewal to your life.

Neptune brings his subtle and creative energy to your 10 house. He inspires you to seek new and creative experiences in career or social situations. Express your highest ideal and be willing to focus on your goals. Neptune is retrograde from June till November don’t believe everything you hear or you’ll get thrown off track.